‘World’s First’ LCD Greeting Card Captures Your Child’s Adoringly Banal Moments For Posterity

Euri Inc., in partnership with American Greetings Corp. (NYSE: AM) and Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT) has developed the world’s first digital photo greeting card. Combining sight and sound with cutting-edge, patent-pending LCD technology, the Euri answer provides customers the next logical step within the evolution of the classic greeting card.

The roots of lotteries go down deep and unfold far. “Casting tons” is even talked about within the Bible. The primary lottery to offer money prizes probably originated in Florence, Italy, in the 16th century. It was dubbed Lotto de Firenze, and it rapidly unfold to other Italian cities. The game, as nicely as the name, caught on. Italy’s national lottery remains to be referred to as Lotto, as are those in the U.S. and lots of other nations.

By 1976, the Egg McMuffin was selling like, properly, hotcakes. And talking of hotcakes, McDonald’s added them, together with sausage and scrambled eggs, to strengthen its breakfast menu. Its restaurants also prolonged their hours, https://tegro.click/ opening at 7 a.m. — a lot earlier than most different quick-food chains — and gaining another 4 hours of brisk gross sales. Opponents would not introduce breakfast objects for nearly one other 10 years. By that time, McDonald’s had cornered the market. To at the present time, breakfast accounts for 15 percent of McDonald’s gross sales [supply: McDonald’s annual report].

However even Gordon Moore would caution towards assuming Moore’s Legislation will hold out that lengthy. In 2005, Moore stated that as transistors attain the atomic scale we may encounter basic obstacles we won’t cross [source: Dubash]. At that point, we can’t have the ability to cram extra transistors in the identical amount of area.