Your work to get a scholarship in Australia

Your work to get a scholarship in Australia. Linita Islam Khilgaon in Dacca has grownup. At each stage of his education, there’s the distinctiveness of pressure. His outstanding results at the postgraduate and post-graduate level of technology and engineering department of Jagannatha University gave him house at the start of the advantage. A skilled engineer and eatery wish to go around. Linata left for Asian country for the last three years to hitch the PhD program within the University of Sydney, Australia’s league, to finish full scholarship in Sep. Let’s learn what ways ought to be adopted if we would like to review with Scholarship in Australia while not knowing from Lineta.

Your work to get a scholarship in Australia


Your work to get a scholarship in AustraliaTo get university admission and scholarship, which must be:

According to Lintee, you usually get a full scholarship in Australia. H. You need to do it. Bachelor or Master’s degree does not provide full fund. The following topics are explained in detail in an application form.

1. IELTS – This is very important. It is proof that you can read, speak, write and listen to English. To take scholarship or admission, every band will need at least 6 and compulsory at 6.5. But there are many more tests in addition to IELTS that determine whether you can in English. So those who do not have IELTS can also give them the exams.

2. CGPA – Generally, CGPA 3.50 for the admission of universities (4.00 scale). But to get a scholarship you may need a little extra CGPA. Which professor might want 3.6, some of whom again want 3.7. If your class positions are in the first 3 or 5 in the undergraduate / postgraduate stage then there is no mention. However, in many cases funding can be found on the CGPA too, for that you will need to have a study or a better work experience. One should remember that B in the Australian universities. come. C. After that the direct p. H. Can not apply to D. Must have a Masters Degree. However, if you have passed from the University of BUET or Dhaka, there is some relaxation. P.S. H. D. There is no chance to do it.

3. Publication – If there is anything less than 2/1 at the top, it is possible to get a scholarship with only the research paper. Any good journal or conference paper paper scholarship application is considered very seriously. So, try to find out more and more.

4. Work Experience – It’s good to have it. For example, when Linus applied for scholarship, she did not have a job experience. But when p. H. D. When he gave an interview, he started his job. According to him, this has particularly affected his scholarship application. But its importance is only when there are fewer ones in your previous points.

5. Co-curricular activities – It is very important to have good programming skills for those who have studied computer science. Because they can pick you up because they can verify the code. In that case, the problems of ACM are much more resolved and if you have good results in programming competencies, these things will make your CV more heavier.

6. To get admission in Australia, you must manage a professor who will give you your p H. D will agree to give directions during the time. That’s not the fund’s direction, it’s not the main thing. You will need a professor to take admission.

7. Then comes your ii. Queue Test. The answer to what you will be asked for in the interview is to be done within a short period of time, and the professor should understand how much profit you can get from professor’s research by joining you with research.

Written by Rafiqul Alam Khan. He is the diplomat correspondent of The Bangladesh Today.


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