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Sadly, the elements you can’t upgrade on the area-51M — the keyboard and the trackpad — are those that want essentially the most enchancment. Whereas the keyboard appears and feels nice at first, with RGB LEDs and 2.2mm of journey, it feels a bit flimsy whereas gaming. I am also apprehensive about its lengthy-time period sturdiness. Once we first acquired the realm-51M, one of the keys flew off inside 10 minutes of turning it on. Normally, I’d simply snap it again into place, but someway the plastic spring mechanism underneath was fully shattered. This is the type of thing Dell would fix under guarantee if it happened to you, but it is still disheartening to see in such an expensive machine. And for the report, it later sent us one other unit to check.

@Sypster: Too… many… video games! Too… little… time! Significantly, I have been wanting to play so many titles lately that I am having a hard time staying targeted on just three. However three it shall be, with Star Trek Online, Star Wars: The Previous Republic, and Lord of the Rings Online gobbling up what few spare minutes I get. I’m really hoping to hit endgame with my first SWTOR character so I can lastly roll an alt (although I’m not complaining concerning the journey thus far), and my Intrepid-class starship in STO is a hoot and a holla’ to pilot.