The Significance of Security Guards & The Role They Play At the moment

Security guard duties embrace protecting folks, places and property from potential threats. Though the security officer job description varies, depending on the precise work setting, security guard duties focus primarily on preventing crime. A vigilant security force deters criminals who’re intent on committing theft, vandalism, sabotage, cyber attacks, physical violence or terrorism. Without the proactive work of security guards, law enforcement would be overwhelmed, as it reacts to crimes that in any other case would likely have been prevented.

Typical Security Guard Duties

Though being a security guard can be exciting at times, the everyday security officer job description emphasises the significance of consistency and routine. As an illustration, security guard duties embody locking doors, watching surveillance footage for hours, patrolling a quiet space and monitoring alarms. Security guards look for signs of suspicious activity within the shadows, listen for uncommon sounds in a locked building and write each day reports. If an incident happens, reminiscent of an tried break in by a juvenile, security officers can make a citizens arrest and summon police. In more critical situations, they call 999 and request back up. Providing witness testimony in court may be required of them.

Bolstering Public Safety

About 1.1 million people work as security officers within the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of Could 2017. Society directly benefits from the presence of security officers in private residences and heavily frequented public sxpaces. Examples of places that rely on security protection embrace airports, live performance venues, casinos, correctional facilities, schools, college campmakes use of, hotels, retail stores, apartments and gated communities. The function of security agents directly ties into their function as watchdog of the general public order. If a fire or main catastrophe happens, security officers work closely with police and fire fighters to secure the scene and preserve order.

Preventing Criminal Acts

Keen powers of commentary are a required qualification in the security officer job description. Considerable time is spent monitoring security cameras, conducting surveillance, performing safety audits of the facility and investigating suspicious circumstances. Security personnel could also be highly seen in a uniform, or they may work in plainclothes to catch shoplifters, for instance. Those with technical skills may work with cybersecurity guarding the network against spam, hackers and malware. The goal is to reduce opportunity for criminals with malicious motives to strike.

Assisting the Public

Working with the public can also be part of security officer duties. Many roles entail greeting people and identifying visitors, giving directions, and redirecting people who are present in an unauthorised space, reminiscent of backstage at a concert. Wonderful communication skills are essential so as to successfully listen, understand and reply questions in a polite, friendly and professional manner. On a school campus, security officer duties can embody giving presentations to students on personal safety and protecting their belongings from wannabe thieves.

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