Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Currently and has more than 700 million active counts. Telegram offers many features that other apps don’t. But, did you know there’s also a hidden feature in Telegram chat? We’re talking about editing media before sending it to others! Not all images are editable, you can see a pencil icon next to the message.

New attachment menu

Hidden in the New Attachment menu is a new feature that allows you to edit media before sending a message.

The new accessories menu is hidden in the new accessories menu. To access it, tap the three dots at the bottom of the screen and select “More” from the drop-down menu. You should see a new option called “Connect Media”.

When you send a message or chat with someone, you can add as many different types of media as you like at once (also known as multi-file). Each type of file will appear on its line to append multiple files at once, just keep selecting them until they all appear in your message window! Attachments are saved automatically, so if something goes wrong during transfer and some are deleted by mistake, they won’t be lost forever!

Any image, video or GIF in the attachment menu

Open any image, video or GIF in the attachments menu in Telegram and tap the pencil icon to open the editing interface. Before you send your photos and videos to others, you can quickly edit them: crop, flip, zoom in or out, and Telegram中文官网 change orientation.

photo editing

Now you can crop a photo, turn it upside down, zoom in or out, change its orientation, and more.

Learn about Telegram’s new attachments menu

The new attachments menu has a lot of useful features to help you edit photos and videos before sending them to friends. You can crop your photo, flip it, zoom in or out, change its orientation, and more!

Crop photo:

Click on an image thumbnail to open it in full screen mode.

Click the crop tool (three dots) in the upper right corner of the screen.

Drag any corner of the crop tool to resize it as needed; this will let you select the area you want to maintain focus while cropping. You can also tap and hold on either side of this bar to fine-tune controls, such as swiping left or right respectively to increase/decrease brightness or change contrast levels when using these manual controls).

How to edit quickly

You can quickly edit photos and videos before sending them to others.

Crop, flip or enlarge photos or videos.

Rotate the orientation of the photo or video.

Learn about Telegram’s new attachments menu

Add text to images and videos! Great for bringing up other things in an image that might be hard to see (such as street signs).

in conclusion

Telegram’s attachments menu is a shortcut for editing media before sending it. Notably, you can use these new features on any GIF or video (not just images) you save on your phone. The interface is pretty basic, so don’t expect anything fancy here. However, if you need to crop something quickly or flip it for some reason, this tool will do the job with ease.