Firaxis Talks Future XCOM Content, ‘Slingshot’ DLC Announced

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Why add missions instead of new aliens or weapons? Council missions are “a great way of providing new stuff to the player that does not distort the core expertise,” says Gupta. “If we add new weapons and new tech, then we’re increasing the tech tree, and that adds analysis time – and that is on a fairly finely balanced pinpoint right now.” XCOM, he says, is unforgiving of gamers that fall behind in research, and adding even more options to the prevailing tech tree might be problematic.

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In the meantime, Microsoft researchers have developed one other kind of smart bra for weight management. It includes an electrocardiogram sensor to measure coronary heart rate, and an electrodermal exercise sensor to trace perspiration. The Microsoft undergarment uses that information to gauge a lady’s emotional state at any given second, in an effort to detect shifts that might end in overeating. When the sensor exercise get too excessive, a warning sign is sent to her smartphone so she will be able to transfer away from the kitchen. Ladies, of course, aren’t the only ones who sometimes struggle with their weight, so we’d someday see a weight-management good undershirt for males. But as of 2015, Microsoft had no plans to commercially produce this bra [source: Griggs].