Bangladesh Bank Exam Question Solution

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Bangladesh Bank Exam Question Solution

Exam type: Written

Post: Officer (General )

Exam date: 25 May 2018

Exam time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM



Below of Question Solution:

1. 690 M

2. 18

3. 10

4. 24

5.  622.37 cm3 (Approx)  


Full Written Math Solution:
1. A piece of stone fell from a balloon when it was flying in the upward direction with a velocity of 20m/sec. what will be the height of the balloon when the stone hit the ground in 10seconds?

Given that,
Velocity at initial stage(u)=20m/s
We have to find out=Height (h)?

We know that,
=20*10+1/2*9.8*(10)^2 [Here,g=9.8] =200+490
So, the height of the balloon=690m(Ans.)

Answer: 690 m

5. A semi-circular sheet of metal of diameter 28 cm is bent into an open conical cup. Find the depth and capacity of the cup.


Given diameter = 28 cm
Radius, r = 14 cm
The circumference of semi-circle = πr
= (22/7) x 14 = 44 cm
This becomes circumference of the base of the cone
2πR = 44
R = 44 x (7/44)
R = 7 cm
The radius of semi-circular sheet = slant height of the conical cup
That is l = 7 cm
We know that r2 + h2 = l2
142 + h2 = 72
196 – 49 = h2
h2 = 147
Therefore, h = 7√3 cm
That is the depth of the conical cup is 7Ö3 cm
Capacity of cup = (1/3) πr2h
= (1/3) x (22/7) x 72 x 7√3
= 622.37 cm3

Answer: 622.37 cm3 (Approx)


BB MCQ Exam Question Solution

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