He came to our family when he was two years old, and lived with us until he was 12 after losing a hard battle with cancer. Our time with him was filled with warm memories and we will always be grateful for the joy he brought to our family. Any time I tried to leave, get a drink, bathroom, anything, she would try to follow. At night, she would get into bed and hog all the pillows. Everyone loved to share his bed with him and he never, ever minded – but rather seemed to enjoy the company. I put her in my bed. I remember thinking it might be the last time I ever saw her run, and it was. We always said that the day Isis didn’t want to go for a walk, we would know her time had come. The plan was to continue with therapy as per the previous day and to recheck blood values. I made the decision and went there the next day.

We told our kids that my grandmother, also recently passed, needed a dog who was kind and gentle, and that Boomer was the right dog for her, so he went to heaven to be her dog. Her previous owner actually worked there and told me how happy she was that Csi found such a loving home. She came to us from a vet where my daughter worked. When the end came I was holding Csi in my arms. Csi was being boarded as a blood donor because her previous owner was getting married and Csi and his kids didn’t get along. The Monday night before Halloween this year she and my new greyhound Steady were going out the back door and Csi hit her shoulder on the door and started howling in pain. I gave her one of the pain meds from the year before and tried to settle her down. In her last 5 months after being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer in her left rear leg) she did her best to deny the pain she was in even on pain meds.

The reason her leg broke so badly was bone cancer. Bone cancer is a terrible disease. Cleo, our beautiful, happy brindle, lost her battle with bone cancer yesterday 6/14/11. She was 10 years old. He was very nice to us yesterday during the euthanasia procedure. We also would like to thank Hounds of the Heartland for bringing Cleo to us. Cleo had a great disposition and enjoyed her daily walks and pestering our cat. What a great organization! Jim is a greyhound lover and is a great vet. When I got my 2nd greyhound Steady, she right away adopted him as her “little” brother. He went right to the car looking for her. When in doubt, seek treatment right away by contacting your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline for advice. This is an emergency, needing immediate treatment. The 21 incidents described so far were very serious; 20 of the 21 dogs developed evidence of renal dysfunction; 3 dogs died, and 4 were euthanized due to poor response to treatment. The main goal of the treatment is to prevent the absorption of the toxins, which means inducing vomiting and administering activated charcoal up to 6 hours after ingestion. Try calling your regular vet or nearby emergency vet clinic if it’s after hours for help.

If you’re not certain whether your dog ate any grapes, it’s still important to contact your veterinarian and watch for signs of grape toxicity within the first 24-48 hours. While there’s no specific test to determine if your dog is experiencing grape toxicity, it’s generally diagnosed based on the history of grape consumption or grapes found in the vomit. She was diagnosed in mid-April and did well until about 10 days ago when she went downhill quickly. I said good bye and went home medicine for dogs missing her already. When I got home Steady ran out the door looking for his sister. Bring out the toy; initiate tug. He remained alert with no vomiting and was taken out on 3 occasions to urinate. I called the center and spoke with the ER doctor then on duty to alert her to my concerns for Scotchie. Then they called me with the news that broke my heart. She will always be in my heart. Obese dogs are at a higher risk of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.